Concert Dos and Don’ts

concert dress
Black top, black pants or skirt.  Black socks or stockings.  Black shoes. No bare ankles/legs.

Amasong scarf. You can either borrow one from the chorus and return it right after the concerts or buy one that is yours to keep!

Jewelry is fine, but please make sure it does not detract from the uniform look of our ensemble.  Please make sure it does not make noise.

Non-scents: We have many singers and audience members who have bad reactions to scents, and we’re in close proximity while performing. Please do not wear perfume or scented products, including hair products, soaps, lotions, etc. Please keep clothing as free of pet hair and smoke fumes as possible.  Do be clean.

while performing

Music must be carried in a black folder or binder. It doesn’t have to be a fancy choral folder—just something black so that our folders look the same to the audience.

If you need water while performing, please make sure it is in a quiet and completely closed container. It will almost surely get kicked over, making noise during recording and/or spilling on the hardwood floor of McKinley. Try to take care not to trip over water bottles.

Try to turn the pages of your music quietly. Practice a few times to see how much noise you make and then adjust your technique as needed. Some singers like to put each page of music in a plastic sleeve protector so she doesn’t make any rustling paper noises. This is by no means required, but it is one option for minimizing noise. In pieces with quick page turns, you could write in the next few measures at the bottom of the preceding page so you have more time to turn the page and aren’t wildly scrambling to find the right measure.

Keeping the beat of the music is good; tapping your toes or feet loudly on the very reverberant McKinley steps is not. One idea is to tap your toe very quietly inside your shoe rather than moving your whole foot or shoe.

Do not hum the starting pitch before we sing. It’s distracting to other singers and you may accidentally spread a wrong note! Think the note inside your head; do not express it out loud.