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Smile Politely Features Amasong

The pandemic has profoundly influenced how choirs operate this year. Amasong is still singing, just differently.

“Amasong has always been on the cutting edge of choral music since its inception in 1990. Its incorporation of a progressive angle into its song choices and performances was representative of a shift for its creator, Kristina Boerger, from more mainstream political activism to a form of artistic intervention. Amasong was, and is still today, widely known for its active inclusion of feminist and lesbian-identified individuals. And it is always open to new involvement; in fact, you can reach out to director Heidi Weatherford for more details if you so choose.

Despite the influx of barriers to success for choral groups in the midst of COVID-19, newly initiated director Heidi Weatherford asserts that Amasong remains a safe haven for its members and a steady voice for social justice in Champaign-Urbana. I spoke with Weatherford, as well as predecessor Jill Crandall, about their recent shift in leadership; how the chorus has dealt with challenges presented by COVID-19; and the nature of Amasong’s unique impact on the Champaign-Urbana community.”

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Singing Out of Light

Our concert is today! Please follow one of the links below to our concert.

Saturday, December 12th, 7:00 PM CST, Virtual
Admission is free
Our concert is today!
Facebook Live & YouTube: (YouTube Live)

For the past year we have all struggled with what feel like an eternity – isolating, wearing   masks, distancing from friends and family.  Amasong too has missed what we hold dear – being together and making music.   We miss giving an in-person concert.  

Visit our youtube page for a preview. We are singing beautiful music. Please bookmark it and share with friends if you can.

This semester, Amasong has learned how to make music in a new way.  Without our sisters
harmonizing beside us, we have rehearsed on Zoom, on mute, with only each other’s faces to guide
us over sometimes spotty internet connections.  We sing into our phones to guide tracks led by
Artistic Director, Heidi Weatherford and with the wonders of mixing mastery we can join together
into a concert.  

Included in this semester’s concert are songs of warmth and love through the winter.  As usual we
sing in many languages:  Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese, English, Georgian.  Would you expect anything less from us?  

We hope you will join us for a virtual concert to be launched on December 12th, but if you cannot
make it, it will be available at any time.  Listen when you want.  Or play your favorite song on repeat over and over again.  We hope you will.  We know we will.   Stay strong.  Stay safe.  Join us in music from afar.

Subscribe , below, to learn about our future concerts.
Saturday, December 12th, 7:00 PM, Virtual
Admission is free, donations accepted.